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Judicial Approach on Scientific Aid of Police Investigation

Introduction:- The word judicial approach means an approach to exercise the judicial rules and reviews. It is also known as judicial decision and judicial activism. The term approach is more particularly applied in connection with another term “attitude” which means “a settled way of thinking or feeling or something,typically that is reflected in a person’s

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Laws pertaining to Live-in-Relationship in Indian Society

Our Indian society is full of different cultures and as modernization is taking place,the various shades of Indian society is also changing. This is true that our Indian society is not able to accept these changes,but the law is protecting it for the complete modernisation. It would be wrong to say that western culture has

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Uniform Civil Code : Necessity for a Democracy

The Constitution Makers said that independent India has to face many challenges. The biggest challenge was to provide equality and welfare for all  the citizens. According to them, some policy directions were necessary to solve these problems. But the constitution also did not want to make these policies binding on future governments. As a result

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